Dhanush Fans Club: Dhanush to perform 'Kolaveri di' live in Mumbai

Dhanush Fans Club: Dhanush to perform 'Kolaveri di' live in Mumbai: Dhanush to perform 'Kolaveri di' live in Mumbai It will be a perfect confluence southern star Dhanush will sing his hit number 'Kolaveri di...

Dhanush to perform 'Kolaveri di' live in Mumbai

Dhanush to perform 'Kolaveri di' live in Mumbai It will be a perfect confluence southern star Dhanush will sing his hit number 'Kolaveri di', while TV actress Jiaa Manek, popularly known as Gopi of Star Plus' 'Saathiya', will match steps with his tunes at the BIG Star Entertainment Awards in Mumbai Sunday. Actor-singer Dhanush, son-in-law of cinematic icon Rajinikanth, is in Mumbai already to pe...rform at the event. He will entertain the entertainers with his Tamil-English song, which went on to become a rage through online social networks. The singer recently attended the finale of Zee TV's singing reality show 'Star Ya Rockstar', and sang 'Kolaveri di'. But it is for the first time that he will perform the song at an awards function. The event, to be held to honour talent in films, television, music, dance and sports, will see the who's who of the glamour industry in attendance, and performances by Priyanka Chopra, Jacqueline Fernandes and Salman Khan. The show will be telecast on Star Plus on New Year's Eve.

Kolaveri di next big thing in popular culture

By now Kolaveri Di must register somewhere in your consciousness — no? If you haven’t heard the tune on the radio or on the net, you must at least have read about how it has caught the imagination of the country at present, such that it has arguably become the first regional song to be played on radio channels nationwide. You could blame it on the power of the net. Or then blame it on restless audiences hungry for the next big thing in popular culture. But the answer to its popularity might be less obvious than a video gone viral or the lure of novelty. Could it be that audiences, fed up of daily complexities around, just want some time off? The song in many ways allows for that — it is simple, some would call it nonsensical. The singer, Tamil actor Dhanush, said he made it up as he went along — perhaps therein lies its irresistible charm. Born of the genius of the impromptu (though it speaks of heartbreak) its basis is joy. The video shows a smiling Dhanush, clearly enjoying himself, and how often do we get to delight in such simplicity, tunes that show the singer and his team having fun, moving to the rhythm, celebrating the incredible lightness of being? There is much to be said for rhymes that make one laugh, Dr Seuss became very popular for his seemingly nonsense verses in books, which actually are brilliant as learning devices for little children. Simply put, Kolaveri Di makes people smile. And in an environment pulling us down daily with its depressing updates, that might be the secret behind its stunning success. Whilst India is celebrating quirky originality, so is the world of global fashion. Christian Louboutin’s ‘Alex’ lion paw pumps are all the rage among celebutantes, dubbed ‘outrageous’, but nevertheless being embraced enthusiastically. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, think stilettos made to look like Big Cat paws, complete with black claw markings. Fashion’s all about seeking attention anyway, so for all our cougars and catty glamourettas, here’s a way to say ‘Miaaow’ without actually saying it! Plus indirectly/coincidentally supporting animals is always welcome, wotsay? And whilst on the topic of things that make you go ‘Awww’, the Tintin offering in movie halls is certainly doing its bit. I have always been a big fan of the comic series (though that naive view of journalism as a singularly noble profession of intrepid and upright souls I had, growing up, has since been corrected by reality) along with other favs like Asterix and the X-Men and have also seen a few of the animated Tintin series on big screen with my little one. Was gratified to note that the movie didn’t disappoint. And finally, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham (most upbeat after the success of Force) are hoping audiences will go awww at their new release which hits the marquee this week. They’re playing male escorts — stripping to ensure that Lady Luck at least, smiles upon this one, in a first, now, for B-Town.